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At Asteroid, Ltd. we believe the skies belong to all of us. Large corporations backed by billionaire investors wrote the current space mining legislation. We aim to change that. Asteroid, Ltd. was created so the global community can also reap the benefits of asteroid mining.


The Stars are Ours

​Become a part of the Asteroid, Ltd. cooperative ​to ​join ou​r​ efforts to change legislation and research and development for future asteroid mining.

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Joe Walsh – Founder
Meet Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh is a highly successful business man, traveler, philanthropist, and scholar. Mr. Walsh is a man who aims to extend his expertise of both the financial and human world and extend his vast resources and knowledge, to help us all “Take Back the Stars”.

Joe Walsh – Founder

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We are eagerly awaiting all those who are interested in owning a piece of the stars. Please contact us for more info or general inquiries.

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